eCard Features

PayRedeem eCards come in several different types

Not all PayRedeem eCards have the same functionality, but they all hold the same promise: instant and secure payments for products and services you need. Take a look below to see what our cards are all about.





Standard eCard

Standard eCard

Come in predefined amounts of


Can be also created for any custom amount equal to your shopping cart total

Can be purchased via several payment methods


Notice that some cards have ribbons: Crypto Exchange, Gaming or Social. Our system selects these at the time of purchase, according to the Merchant you choose. They define what your PayRedeem eCard can be spent on. If you buy a card with a "Crypto Exchange" ribbon, you can only spend it at one of our verified cryptocurrency exchanges.


Subscription eCard

Subscription eCard

Amount is predefined by the subscription service provider

Ribbons apply for Subscription eCards the same way as for Standard PayRedeem eCards

Can be purchased via credit or debit card only

You can manage all of your subscriptions in one convenient place:

Payredeem web app mockup

Payout eCard with the Cashout Feature

Payout eCard

If you wish to withdraw your account balances held with certain merchants in our Merchant Network, such as gaming operators or brokerage platforms, you can request a payout from the merchant via the PayRedeem Payout eCard.

Each PayRedeem Payout eCard can then be used to make further purchases within our proprietary Merchant Network or the balance can be cashed out to:

Your bank account via wire transfer

Tier 2 account required.

Your Crypto Wallet via Bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrency

Tier 2 account required.

Your prepaid Visa or Mastercard

Coming soon.

Payout mockup

You can view all of your PayRedeem eCards, and initiate our PayRedeem Cashout feature in one place on your dashboard.

You can select multiple cards to withdraw. The cards will be automatically summed together, so you only pay one withdrawal fee.

Bundle Feature

Every kind of PayRedeem eCard has an additional feature called Bundle.

Over time you may gather several smaller value cards which could be inconvenient to spend. You can select all of them and bundle them into one higher value card.

A simple rule to follow: only PayRedeem eCards of the same kind and ribbon can be bundled into one.


PayRedeem eCards are issued by Global Primex Limited.

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