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Payredeem eCards

PayRedeem eCards provide a new level of privacy and security for customers while giving your business access to industry-leading fraud prevention and dispute management services.

Welcome to PayRedeem

PayRedeem eCards are an innovative online-only payment method that provide industry-leading privacy and security to consumers, while empowering merchants within our proprietary PayRedeem Merchant Network with unparalleled fraud prevention, dispute management, and acceptance rates.

All businesses participating in the PayRedeem Merchant Network have instant access to their customers' full purchasing power in one place - PayRedeem eCards can be purchased online at with:

Credit card

Debit card

Bank Transfer


Alternative payments

Payredeem eCards

PayRedeem eCards are single-use, nontransferable, and non-reloadable. At the time of purchase, consumers are charged a small activation fee. Consumers pay no other fees to use the product. Unused balances on spent eCards are automatically issued on a new eCard, ready for immediate use.

PayRedeem is well suited for most ecommerce merchants and is perfect for a wide range of online businesses. Because of its unique expertise, Global Primex is primarily targeting online gaming operators, cryptocurrency exchanges, subscription billing services and brokerages - all traditionally high-risk categories in search of a solution to the excessive chargebacks, abysmal card acceptance rates, and inherent lack of trust between merchant and consumer that plague these verticals.

It's time to gain back the trust that's missing in payments. With PayRedeem. Trusted. Global. Secure.

Let PayRedeem help grow Your business

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Tired of fighting with your payment processor over disputes instead of focusing on growing your business? We can help.

When you accept PayRedeem as a form of payment, any consumer dispute, such as a credit card chargeback, is actually between the consumer's bank and Global Primex Limited. This is because the dispute is related to the purchase of the PayRedeem eCard instead of your product or service. Our experienced team of payment experts manages this time-consuming process, so you can focus on running your eCommerce business.

When you join the PayRedeem Merchant Network, we not only resolve consumer disputes as they arise, we proactively work with you to reduce consumer complaints from happening in the first place. We do this through establishing specific proofs of delivery and providing clear receipts to the consumer at the time of payment on your eCommerce site.

How we do it

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PayRedeem runs exclusively on the Global Primex alternative payments network and is managed through our proprietary PCI DSS Level 1 certified payments platform built with business owners in mind. Our risk engine is designed to detect and stop fraud before it happens by utilizing a wide range of monitoring tools and automated alerts, 3D Secure technology, and “negative databases” to screen out consumers with a history of fraud or excessive payment disputes.

What does this mean for you? By the time a PayRedeem user makes a payment on your website, we have already vetted and screened them through our stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) process. A payment made with PayRedeem is instantly successful - no more declines from the bank; no more calls to the number on the back of the card to get approval for the transaction.

Designed for consumers, with businesses in mind

PayRedeem was built first and foremost with payment security and privacy in mind, but it was also developed with the knowledge that both businesses and consumers are always looking for a quick and easy way to pay.

Your customers can start transacting with PayRedeem right after completing a quick and seamless online KYC verification process.

Reliable customer service

Our experienced call center team has an excellent track record of winning disputes and is well-equipped to resolve any issue faced by PayRedeem customers and merchants.

PayRedeem's customer support

Available 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM CET

Increases client loyalty to your product and your store

Resolves issues before they escalate

Answers inquiries in real time

Merchant Support and Integration

Merchant support


Simple integration on our stable and established platform requires only two APIs and can be done in a matter of days.

Merchant Support

Get 24x7 tech support with no bots and no auto reply tickets; Just reach out to a live agent.

Direct and personal access to an account manager


PayRedeem Integration

It's quick and easy to add PayRedeem to your checkout. Here, you'll find a selection of easy-to-follow integration guides to help you get started.


PayRedeem eCards are issued by Global Primex Limited.

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